January 2 and 3rds post - Yes times two again

1/04/2010 09:36:00 AM Posted by Jesus Day Gifts

Getting the children back to school has proved to be exhausting when not a single one wants to go back. They love being home with Mom that much! lol

Ok so now the info you all have been waiting for times two!

- 2 reasons per day of why you should be celebrating your life.
- 2 Inspirational messages
- 2 Scripture passages of gratitude
- 2 Tips for receiving help on how to get safe!
- 1 New featured product from our online gift store each day

Why celebrate your life when you feel your at the end of your rope; when your feeling trapped, depressed, anger for a life you didn't ask for?

1) Today is a new day, what can happen is only limited by your own fears or stops. You want a free life, you want friends and family that have been alienated back in your life. Today celebrate and make that first move to bring your desires into action.
2) Celebrate because even when the rest of the world seems so far away from you, Jesus is always in arms reach. You just have to speak to him, pray, ask him to help you because with out him, nothing is possible.
3)Celebrate life because you breathe. If you would rather be gone from this life becuase you just don't feel there is anything worth while living for, it is time to reach out for help. There are organizations all over that can help you my friend. They can change your life around for the better.
4) Celebrate life if you have children. Children have a way of keeping us young, they teach us lessons about ourselves, they are not the burden, the way you live your life is the burden if you blame them. They came into this life expecting you to protect them, love them, and nourish them. Do something out of the love you have for them to change your situation today!

Inspirational Messages for today!

1) When the world beats you down, get back up and dust off. Your the only one that can let the world do this to you.

2)Seasons change, people change, lives change, everything around us changes. The only thing that does not change is the core of who we are. If you have tendencies to harm others you will always carry those tendencies. They don't just go away. Extensive help, counseling, determination to be different is the only way you will see a change. So what does this tell you about your abuser? Are they getting help? Are they determined to change? Or do you just see empty promises and many "I am sorry". "It won't happen again"  until the next time comes........  See the red flags and listen to them. God is trying to tell you to be safe and live life the way he wanted you too. Your breaking his heart by staying in a relationship that evil exists. Make today the day you promise God with his help to find a way out.

3)  All violence, all that is dreary and repels is not power, it is the absence of power. This statement said by Ralph Emerson is thought provoking. It is true if you look at the abuser. He/She tries to manipulate their partner, have power over them for the simple reason I can guarantee, they lack power in the rest of their lives. They feel out of control, unhappy, addicted to some kind of drug or alcohol, they are unhappy with themselves....... They lack power of oneself. Is it the abused persons fault? Of course not. Then why do you allow yourself to stay in this situation?

4) There is violence that liberates, and a violence that enslaves, there is a violence that is moral and a violence that is immoral.  - Benito Mussolini

Scripture passages: I hope God will forgive me for not listing Scripture today, but I believe there is an important message that he would like you to see instead. Some very profound statements that you need to think about in your own relationship.

1) Marriage is for committed lovers, not hostages. Marriage is sacred and is for two people that are very much spiritually complete with each other. It requires sacrificial service but not martyrdom.

2) In every abusive relationship violence usually occurs in cycles. The cycle begins with tension building, anger, blaming and irritation. The violent stage comes next and it's point is to afflict physical hurt, pain by hitting, slapping, pulling hair, kicking, throwing things etc.... After the physical has quieted down the abuser than feels remorse and will promise never to do this again. This is often called the honeymoon stage because they will seem overly loving, considerate as in the beginning of a relationship. They will sweet talk you but again, the cycle will continue another day. If you view this pattern happening often, you need to get out! It doesn't get better without any intervention. You are in danger and your children may be as well.

3) How to know if someone has truly changed and is really going to stop the abusive behaviors: Look for these signs, Look for consistency every single day, he shows you that he values and appreciates you, you mean something important to him. He listens now without making you feel tensed. He can show compassion and cares how you feel even if you do not agree with him. He respects you as an equal and doesn't try to control you or dismiss you based on your opinions. He shows affection without having to go to sex. He understands that his guilt, shame, anxiety, anger, are his own and not to be blamed on you.

4) Seek wisdom and talk to someone who can give you a clear unbiased viewpoint on whether or not you should try to reconcile your relationship. You must make sure your abuser has demonstrated strong accountability and really has changed. In order to reconcile, you must feel stronger, secure, not have fear to voice your opinions in the relationship any longer. You absolutely must feel valued. If you do not, this relationship is not ready for reconciliation and more help is needed.
Most of all, pray to God and the Holy Spirit to help you, guide you, and give you the wisdom, strength, and courage you need to make these decisions.


- You must stash some money away. Pawn, sell, anything you can to get a bit of money saved up. Collect change from his pockets. Save some extra money from grocery shopping. Every quarter, dollar adds up and your going to need money to survive on your own. This will make the transition easier. Just what ever you do, keep it secret, keep it at a friends house or in the bank account you should have opened. Make sure he does not find out about it though, it could send him into an abusive cycle again.

Credit in your name - This can be done even if you don't have credit or bad credit. You can place 200.00 in a bank account that can't be touched. Get a secured credit card from your bank on this and ask a friend or relative to co-sign for you. Be financially responsible though! This is a matter of your life. In order to establish good credit, you must use the card to make small purchases and pay if off in the same month. Once this has been done for approximately a six month period, go to a department store and get a card in your name. Again do the same thing. Make small purchases that you know can be paid of that month. You want to establish at least three good lines of credit.

Protect your new accounts - Instruct your financial institutions to replace your social security with a password that only you know. Change your account numbers. You can do this even though they don't advertise it.

Department of Motor Vehicles -  Do you have a vehicle to take with you? Is it registered in your name only? Wonderful if it is. Do you have a vehicle that the title states his name OR your name? You can take his name off the title and I would absolutely do this! If it states husbands name AND your name on the title it will require his signature in order to turn the vehicle over to you. I would suggest getting another vehicle.

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