Moral or Immoral?

Moral or Immoral?

As an adult and a Christian I find myself in a situation that has me desturbed.

I have a wonderful dear friend that I love with all my heart. She is like a sister to me. She is 11 years younger than I and I find I often look at the old me through her. I see what I was and what I am now. Not that she is a bad person but she is lost. She has receintly been divorced, has two younger children, and is struggling to even survive as a single Mom.

I find myself more often than not offering opinions and advice regarding how she is living her life. I probably should just mind my own business and let her figure it out like I had to do. No one was there for me when I was going through some of the same issues she struggles with now. Is it really better to have someone to bounce things off of or is it better to let them figure it all out?

I have watched my friend jump from man to man trying to find what she seeks in a partner. She breaks up with one and than finds herself back with another from her past, leaves that one and ends up with a new one, goes back to an old one....the cycle goes on.

Receintly she has met a 17 year old boy online. It is extremely dangerous situation that I really struggle with. She seems to really love this boy. He feels the same towards her.

I watch the two of them as we play an online game together and they are joyfully happy together. Blissfully happy. But she is searching for the relationship that takes her away from her struggles. He is searching for the relationship that takes him away from a neglectful family. She is a beautiful young looking intelligent woman who has so much going for her except she is very insecure and suffers from the "please everyone syndrome" He is a highly intelligent boy with a charismatic personality, romantic, funny, charming, but still his age shows through in his actions at times. I am surprised at the wisdom this child has for his years. He holds more wisdom in 17 years than most men in 45 years. It's scary. I can understand how the two became attracted to each. they also both have a very quirky sense of fun about them. They do and say crazy things together and laugh the night away.

My problem is the age difference and the fact that the boy is under 21. What would you do when you see that two people fit so well together but morally it seems extremely wrong to me. How do I still be there for my friend when what I see her doing could jeopardize her children and her life? What would you do?
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Motivation - It effects so much of our lives

Motivation - It effects so much of our lives

Are you a person that tends to be unmotivated during certain parts of the month, week, day? Do you sit and struggle with feelings of "I know I have to do this but I just can't push myself to make that first step"?

I do all the time. I go through weeks where I am plowing through what I need to do, then I hit a point I feel completely lazy, unmotivated, and just want to walk away from everything. Of course I don't walk away for good but it is something I struggle with.

What suggestions or ways do you use to keep you going? When the rest of the world is spinning around you and there is so much else that needs to be taken care of, how do you fit it all into a day?
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Test Post

Test Post

Good Morning and Happy Martin Luther King Day.
Remembering a great man who stood for individual rights, fairness and dreams of tomorrow.
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