Can't be coincidence, has to be His doing....

3/03/2010 07:21:00 AM Posted by Jesus Day Gifts

After reading a very important message on a blog today on True Tales of a MiniVan Mama, I decided to write this blog post to show my direction and appreciation. Thank you Jenn, you always seem to find the right words to say when I am feeling upside down.
So here goes......

My Family, my gift.

I have basically disappeared from the online world because my life did not feel balance, it felt empty, and yes very very lonely.

I, like so many others share your feelings across the board. I needed to be validated I needed to feel like I have touched lives and did something important with the outside world.

I have pushed aside my husband, children, my extended family, even my pets and home for what I thought was important to me.

What I didn't realize was that this had a long going effect on me. I realized when reading your blog post, how I have also been selfish.

When we do things for ourselves and not through God we actually lose happiness, peace, and relationships instead of gaining validation. It feels so empty and unfulfilled.

Think about it, what means more to you? Validation from your close family members or a stranger online?

Thank you Jenn, for exposing yourself to the world as a fake. I say this in the kindest way for I am a fake as well. I have been a fake to God, my family, and myself.
Thank you Jenn for having the courage to pour your heart out here. You have again been validated here while not trying to be. You have helped one more person steer back to God's way and to put more time, love, into my family where it belongs and is needed.

I say goodbye to putting anything online first. I say goodbye to putting myself first and to reaching out to my children and husband again.

Life is way too short, I know this better than most. It's time to make lasting impressions, strong ties, and put caring committed time back to the relationships that matter to God and to me most.

My time will come when my children have grown. We can do with out luxuries, we can do without a vacation if needed. We can not however do without our family.

I thank God for last night he put me in the hearts of other people again. He surrounded me with people I can connect with in real life. He steered me to read this post this morning to show me that what i have been feeling all along has been right on target and has been him talking to be and weighing on my conscious to wake up and smell the roses he planted for us. I am grateful.
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