Thoughts for today - Hope

1/29/2010 09:11:00 AM Posted by Jesus Day Gifts

I sit here this morning looking back on my life. Realizing I made a lot of mistakes but no matter what the mistakes were, I am still a child of God and he loves me. I am still worth my weight in Gold to him. It is those thoughts that get me through the hard times.

Right now my family struggles with major damage on our property. We heard the worse from the insurance company....we are only covered a small portion. Too long of a story to go into but we feel like we have been robbed to a degree. As sad and as angry as I was over this, I stopped and talked to God last night. I prayed for him to help me understand all this, to free my heart from hurting and worrying about any of it. I asked him to make me very aware that these are only material things and how thankful I am to have my family and friends and with him, I am going to be just fine. I woke up this morning feeling so much better. Yes, I am sad when I look at all we have lost, but through hard work, hopefully good friends, we will not have lost it all. God gave me hope today.

It is hope within us that drives and makes life worth living. If we didn't have hope, all would be dismal. I thank God that he showed me where to seek hope and to believe in him and the wonderful things he can do.

So many times in my life I ignored that he was right there beside me, I ignored the hope he was showing me. I didn't realize it had come from him. Now I see with eyes wiser and more open all that he gives me each day. I am truly blessed to have Jesus in my life, my heart, my family. I am truly blessed to now be able to see situations for what they are. They are not the end of the world if I follow his lead, I believe, and I have hope.

Why do I discuss hope today? Because I believe when I was in an abusive situation I never saw hope, I only saw the dark days of living with a violent man who I detested. I only saw day after day being trapped and having to live a life I hated. I saw only my two babies as my saving grace. But I also saw the stress that having two children in this situation caused.

It wasn't until I finally reached out to a support group and found Carol. She was my saving grace, she was my mentor, friend, and the one person who allowed me to see again. She gave me hope for a life better than what I had. One that was more deserving, one that was filled with ups and downs but it was my own again. I could be who I wanted to be. I would be free.

If you feel you do not have hope......reach out to someone who can help. Don't wait, do it today. It will be the best decision you have ever made. You can dream and you can do....take a step forward and give yourself some hope again!
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